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Why I LOVE my life (or, I COULD complain, but what’s the point?)

October 29, 2012

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything… and trust me, I have a number of subjects that I’d like to discuss… but today isn’t the day for any of that.  There is a major storm about to hit the East Coast and many of the people that I love the most in this world are terrified.  I’m terrified for them.  The uncertainty, the last-minute scrambling for supplies, the feeling that life has simply stopped and all that they can do is wait.  It’s overwhelming – and most of them are really taking it in stride, and even cracking jokes.  Amazing.

Now let me tell you something – the absolutely worst thing that’s happened to me this past week?  I had to exchange my summer blankets for my winter comforter.  Yup.  That’s my biggest problem.  I don’t like cold, my body has negative reactions to the cold, and it is now officially cold here.  Boo hoo.

As some of you know, I’ve had a bit of a tough go of things the past few months – no, nothing major, but my emotional well being wasn’t exactly top-notch.  To put it simply, I’ve had a hard time seeing how beautifully blessed my life is.  I see it now… and I’d like to tell you about it (if you’ll be so kind as to indulge me).

So here it is – why I LOVE my life:

My job is NOT a job.  It is a calling.  It is one little piece of repairing our world.  Everything that I do, even the mundane, “annoying” tasks are all a part of a bigger picture of filling people’s lives (and my own) with community, connection, and blessings.  wow.

My home is beautiful.  It’s small, it’s expensive, the smoke alarm goes off every time I turn on the oven, and I love it.  It’s mine (for now).  I have a warm place to sleep, a cold place to keep my vegetables, walls covered in pictures, and a place to park my car (oh ya… my car.  it works.  that’s enough for me!)

My friends and family are fantastic.  Yes, 98% of them live nowhere near me, and that makes me very sad sometimes, but they’re there, just a text or call away.  They are supportive, funny, interesting and fun.  Sometimes they’re hard on me… because they love me – what more could a girl want?

My body works, and it works well.  I can run, dance, sing, hug, and laugh really REALLY loudly.  I may not looooooooooove how it looks… oh well.  I love what it can do, and frankly, I use my body far more often than I look at it, so really, it’s all good.  As long as I treat myself well, eat well, rest well, move well, and get massages (yes – I do believe that massage is vital to health… more on that some other time!), then I’m doing great.

My life in general is pretty awesome.  There are a lot of fun things that I want to do, and for the most part, I do them.  I go to shows and concerts, I read, I talk to people and I serve.  Would it be nice to have someone at my side for all those things?  Sure… but just because I don’t have someone right now doesn’t mean that I’m not going to do those things.  There’s so much living to be done, and it’s all beautiful.

In my last blog post, I talked about pain, and why we feel pain.  I talked about the ego and how we need to take greater care of our inner child.  I also said that we need to be able to sit with the pain, because it will never pass if we don’t acknowledge it.  Beautiful lives are full of pain – and the pain can show us and teach us things that can make our lives even more beautiful.

Every minute of every day we have a choice – see the beauty, feel the blessings, or don’t.  My life is truly, magnificently blessed. So is yours – it’s all about perspective.  Ok ok, so maybe the boy I like doesn’t like me back, or maybe I don’t get to see my friends and family nearly as much as I’d like, but there are blessings in that as well.

It takes a lot of courage to live a beautiful life.  The world around us teaches that we’re supposed to work work work and strive strive strive for beauty and blessings.  It’s supposed to be hard, and man – aren’t there just so many crappy things to complain about?  Yup.  Sounds to me like a recipe for MISSING IT ALL.  Get bogged down in how things SHOULD or COULD be, or see how incredible they really are now.  I believe in miracles and I believe in the beauty and love that is ALREADY here.  I also believe that seeing the blessings now, feeling the joy now, and appreciating my life NOW will only bring about more blessings, more joy, and more love.  It ain’t easy, but man… it’s SO good.

To my friends on the east coast – I love you and I’m thinking about you.  I’m sending you love – I hope that you can feel it.  Try, if you can, to find the blessings in all of this – even if the blessing is just a little bit more time to rest… a blessing many of us could use!

For the rest of us – love now, be joyful now, smile now. Sure you can complain, whine, be angry or even depressed – that’s all part of life, and we NEED to do those things in order to acknowledge what isn’t working… and then… do something different.  Make your own list of why you love your life.  We are all so supremely blessed, and it’s wonderful to be able to see those blessings.  Try it.  You just might find that there’s so much to love.

Wishing you light, love, and blessings.


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  1. Sarah permalink

    Love this post. No point in being negative when our lives are what WE make of them. Always be thankful for what you have because there is always someone out there with less.

  2. Jyh permalink

    Reading this has made me feel a bit happier, and confident that I can improve my perspective. Truly: Thank you!!!

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